The Lambton Mount Lacrosse Club, an incorporated association, was established in September 2015 as a nationally based lacrosse club for men and women who formerly or currently play, officiate or support lacrosse in Australia. The club was preceded by the Victorian Lacrosse Past Players & Supporters Association, which consisted solely of former Victorian male lacrosse players. The PPA resolved in 2015 to transfer all assets to the new club.

The Lambton Mount Lacrosse Club, as a demonstration of our national focus and desire for female and male members, is affiliated with the Australian Lacrosse Association.

At this time the club has over 190 financial members with a target of 1,000 members, which would make us the largest lacrosse club in terms of numbers in the world!

We believe we offer something to complement existing club memberships and trust that existing club members will retain their current affiliations along with membership of our Club.

We currently have members in most states of Australia as well as one overseas member in Thailand, Bill Stahmer. We need more members from all states and in particular those who have moved overseas and want to stay in touch with lacrosse in Australia and to do their bit to help develop lacrosse in Australia.

Our annual membership subscription is only $25 and the money will be used to support lacrosse in Australia, and all services provided by the committee are provided on a pro bono basis, thus our expenditure on administration is minimal.